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The Bright Side of Parkinson’s, NY Times article discusses the many aspects of Parkinson’s including future therapies

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In NY Times Opinion, February 15, 2015, My Own Life, noted Neurologist/Writer Oliver Sacks of ‘Awakenings’ Fame Discusses Finding Out He Has Terminal Cancer

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ROBIN WILLIAMS and PARKINSON’S: Suicide, Depression and Middle-aged men

Why did such an amazing icon of a man take his own life, how much of an influence did his recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s have in that decision, and what, if anything of value, can we possibly take from this tragedy?…full article


Taiwan Study: Depression may triple Parkinson’s disease risk, especially in the elderly

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Depression may be a risk factor for Parkinson’s disease

Apomorphine for Parkinson’s, 10 Things You Should Know 


Though a highly effective dopamine agonist, apomorphine must be given subcutaneously.

Apomorphine is the strongest, most effective dopamine agonist used in treating Parkinson’s disease. Despite its name, it is not an opioid narcotic like morphine. Rather it mimics dopamine at most major dopamine receptor subtypes. It allows very effective rescue from “off periods” when symptoms mysteriously and suddenly return in patients taking levodopa.(read article)

Street Smarts: 10 Warning Signs of Parkinson’s Predators and other Con Artists


There is no shortage of swindlers who may enter your life because they perceive your Parkinson’s as a weakness–courtesy Parker Brothers

As was mentioned in the previous article, though you may have your cognitive functions fully intact, and even if you are fully capable of most of the physical capabilities of daily living, the public perceives your Parkinson’s condition as a weakness, and thus, you are more likely to fall into the sights of a predator, con artist or other swindler who thinks that because of your disease, you may be weaker than the average person who doesn’t have Parkinson’s.

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Kenneth Giuffre MD

KENNETH GIUFFRE: a very personal entry:

No I am not a “cripple” as you say…

nor am I a “retard”. I did not get Parkinson’s because of “Karma” or because I am a bad person. Yes there will be people in this world who because of my condition, will choose not to be with me, and yes it is lonely sometimes but still, for me, every day is a gift.

That same individual claimed responsibility for allegedly posting this on Craigslist:



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Everyday is a gift even when disturbed individuals attempt to cloud your skies with deviant nonsense.

Famed Singer and 11-time Grammy winner, LINDA RONSTADT announces to AARP that she has Parkinson’s. We at Dopadoc take serious exception to her haphazard statement that “nobody can sing with Parkinson’s.”

In fact we deeply sympathize with the great Ms. Ronstadt at the loss of her beautiful intrument of music to Parkinson’s, and though it be true for Ms. Ronstadt regarding her singing, each case of this disease is as different and unique as the PwP who is subject to this biological trickster. Never assume that limitations experienced by another PwP will be yours. 

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Ronstadt in 1980

DENTAL COMPLICATIONS OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE: Facing 7 Root Canals and General Anesthesia

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Author’s postop photo after seven root canals under general anesthesia. Parkinson’s disease increases saliva production creating a nirvana for night time enamel-eating bacteria.

10 Essential Preventive Measures That People With Parkinson’s (PwP’s) Must Adopt Right Now for Dental Health and Hygiene

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Active prevention and prompt dental care are absolute necessities for people with Parkinson’s. Neglect can be life-threatening.





Marshall Davidson will also speak about his own falling-out of the “honeymoon phase” of Parkinson’s in:



DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE WITH PARKINSON’S: what every TSA inspector, boss, family member, relative, and friend should see the next time they ask, “have you had anything to drink,” or they tell you to “smile and improve your attitude,” or to “just snap out of it.”

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Getting adequate sleep helps improve memory in Parkinson’s

“SECOND HONEYMOON FOR PARKINSON’S”–Review of New England Journal of Medicine landmark study and accompanying editorial on earlier-stage use of surgical deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson’s

WEEK OF March 28, 2013:



Our Youtube video on the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s passes 30,000 viewings!

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Sleep, Memory and Parkinson’s

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Getting adequate sleep helps improve memory in Parkinson’s

 Working memory, the so-called “mental scratchpad” improves with a good night’s sleep in Parkinson’s according to a recent study published in the journal Brain.

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Unlike the RAM memory “scratchpad” of your computer, human “working memory” can be rather fragile and subject to many factors like sleep and Parkinson’s.

JAVA and Parkinson’s: not the programming language but the actual  drink: Coffee/Caffeine May Diminish the Movement Symptoms of Parkinson’s

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Caffeine: new mode of therapy in Parkinson’s?

TED Talk Speaker Max Little Introduces New Test for Parkinson’s Over the Telephone

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TED Talk Presentation–mathematician Max Little

In a brief but fascinating presentation, mathematician Max Little describes using applied waveform mathematics to analyze the sounds produced by the vocal cords of PwP’s to diagnose PD over the telephone.

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Vocal changes that occur from disordered muscle action in the larynx could become the basis for a telephone diagnostic test for Parkinson’s.



Vocational Inspiration on Surviving Parkinson’s from a Practicing Psychotherapist

What would do with your life if you were to awake from a 3 year funk at age 51 after diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease with impaired body but clear mind?

It was initially devastating. Your right (dominant) hand is useless( full description on youtube:

and you’re plagued with PD’s attendant symptom of EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness). Your mind is as sharp as ever and you’re ready to re-engage with the world again but you cannot practice medical procedures. You have an MD, writing experience, extensive knowledge of the brain, particularly the wiring of the cortex, and extensive business experience. You’ve let things go a bit because of a transient depressive funk, but now face a world that consistently and falsely misinterprets your external appearance as a reflection of a disorganized internal state. All that said, if you honestly found yourself in this state, and you considered your life an experiment of what somene with this kind of handicap could accomplish in the world, where would you start? I Posed this question on an got a fantastically well thought-out and balanced response from psychotherapist Michael Leary in the linked article:

Vocational Inspiration on Surviving Parkinson’s from a Practicing Psychotherapist




over 9000 views already!


A Relevant Long-term Study of DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) for Parkinson’s Disease

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Sites of stimulation in current Illinois VA DBS (deep brain stimulation) study.

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